Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Virginia Zoological Park

A giant Aldabra Tortoise seemed to be having as much fun at the zoo as we were!
Yesterday my husband, Don, and I spent a day of our summer holidays at the Virginia Zoo in nearby Norfolk. We both love photography and got some decent pictures. I'll share some of our favorites.

Siamangs like to hang around a lot!

The zoo has an adorable Siamang baby. These primates swing through trees by their arms.
The biggest part of the Orangutans' day is apparently lunch, particularly the bagged lunch that they took "to go:"

Not sure if this Orangutan is eating or playing or both...

First the Orangutan grabs a bag lunch

Then the Orangutan checks out the contents: "What'd I get?"

The Orangutan decides the bag's contents are acceptable and decides to head for the hills with it!

An Asian Small-Clawed Otter at play
The "Norfolk Southern Express" is a scaled down train that can give riders an overview of the park.

Have I mentioned Don loves trains? The $2.00 fare supports the zoo's programs and exhibits
I was nervous about Tapirs after spotting this sign

Even though this Tapir was facing the "wrong" direction, it seemed pretty harmless
A Red Panda spends lots of time sleeping in a tree

A Sun Bear likes her shade, too. The day was hot and humid!
Why is the Masai Giraffe at the right staring at the other Giraffe's backside?
 Here is the entrance to the zoo with its impressive sculpture:
The Elephant-sculpture in front of the Virginia Zoo

A real Elephant takes a leisurely stroll

These frogs and turtles are not part of the exhibits but live on the zoo's grounds

These Bullfrogs look like they're snuggling
A sleeping Fennec Fox

Another sleeping Fennec Fox
What is this Prairie Dog Whispering in his friend's ear?
The Blue Duiker is a tiny little Antelope. It's extremely shy.
For people who like birds, the zoo has a colorful variety from all over the world:

A Rhinocerous Hornbill

A Sarus Crane, called Grus Antigone in scientific terms
An African Crowned Crane
A Bald Eagle lives at the zoo because it's too injured to live in the wild
This Peahen with her chicks seem a different kind of royalty
If you find reptiles creepy, you may want to stop reading here.

OK, you've been warned! Personally, Don and I loved the reptile house.

An Emerald Tree Boa? I am not sure...

A Beaded Lizard, like the larger Gila Monster, is actually a lizard with a venomous bite

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