Saturday, February 7, 2015

Hampton Roads Latin Day

I am vice president of a group, the Tidewater Classical Symposium (click the next link to find us on Facebook). Our mission is to promote Latin and the Classics in the Tidewater area of Southeastern Virginia, which is also called Hampton Roads.

One of our projects is to put on "Hampton Roads Latin Day" for our region's students. We work in conjunction with the Classics department of Christopher Newport University, headed by Jana Adamitis, which graciously hosts the event. The 9th annual event took place today, and I am happy to say it was well-attended by an diverse, intelligent, and enthusiastic contingent of our region's middle- and high school students.

Christopher Newport University, February 7, 2015

Most events took place at CNU's Forbes Hall.

Forrbes Hall at Christopher Newport University
There were a variety of events, including games, a workshop on the influence of the Classics on Mockingjay, Greek Dancing, a showing of the Latin-language movie Barnabus et Bella, academic and art contests,  presentations by a local archaeologist, and much more. 

Two student members of CNU's Classics Club prepare to show "Barnabus et Bella"

A scary minotaur from the art competition

One highlight was the keynote speaker, Professor Rebecca Benefiel of Washington and Lee University. She gave a lively presentation on "Pompeii: Voices of the Romans," which focused on how to read ancient inscriptions found in Pompeii.

Professor Rebecca Benefiel of Washington and Lee University with slides of Pompeii

Another highlight was a special exhibit on African-American Classicists graciously loaned to CNU by Michele Valerie Ronnick of Wayne State University in Detroit. February is Black History Month so the exhibit was both interesting and timely.

Exhibit of African-American Classicists in the background as archaeologist Paul Presenza prepares to speak
Students admire the exhibit on African American Classicists
All in all it was a worthwhile day. We all look forward to the event again next year.

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