Friday, July 29, 2016

Greece Trip, Fri. 7/22/16 (Cruise)

After passing through customs, we boarded the cruise ship Celestyal Olympia, bound for some Aegean islands. Joanna, our EF Tour Director, warned us to avoid drinking the water on the ship except what was offered at meals. She said to avoid the cabin water for taking medications or even brushing our teeth, if possible. Bottled water was more than double the typical price ashore, so we bought water every time we disembarked and brought it back with us. Once on board, we surrendered our passports for a plastic card linked to our passport and credit card. The card served a variety of purposes on the ship, including as our boarding pass, means of making purchases, passport, and room key. It quickly became our vade mecum.

The Cruise Ship, Celestyal Olympia, was a pleasant place to hang out

  During our scenic and restful voyage I lounged by one of the ship's two swimming pools, listened to Greek music and watched passengers trying out a variety of dances from traditional Greek folk dances to Merengue to Zumba©.


We arrived at the first island on our tour, Mykonos, famous for a pretty seafront called "Little Venice" and several old-fashioned windmills. The island was sandy, even dusty near the windmills. Water sprayed over the sea walls dotted with little cafes. Stores sold Greek clothes and blue-and-white scenic paintings and silver jewelry. Buildings were white, the water near shore was a vivid, aquamarine blue, changing to sapphire where it turned deep. I found out the tourist season runs from March to October and that few reside on the island year-round. Some winter in Athens.

Recently the American Hollywood star, Leonardo di Caprio, was spotted hiding out on Mykonos. I can't say I blame him. Unlike us, though, he traveled by private jet.

Mykonos' main tourist attraction is its picturesque windmills
View of "Little Venice" on the Greek Island of Mykonos
Sunsets over the Aegean are beautiful to behold
Another Cruise Ship at night, with a Greek island in the background

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