Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Vacation, 2013, Part 1: Easter in Florida

My mom loves her bread machine. This one tasted of orange zest. Yum!

My niece wears a festive hat in celebration of Easter

My other niece, her sister, thinks dying eggs is a cool Easter tradition.

I like dying eggs, too! Mine was the red one.

Grandie supervises the girls.

Our hard-boiled eggs are dyed and drying on a rack. What pretty colors!

My nieces got rabbit-puppets for Easter from their grandfather and his wife.

My niece plays with her rabbit at a restaurant. His name is Brandon.

The girls were afraid the Easter Bunny would have a hard time finding them in Florida, but apparently not!

Grandie and Poppy's house, where much of the fun takes place!

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