Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Vacation, 2013, Part 2: Fun and Games in Florida

Grandie loves board and card games. Here she teaches the grandchildren a game of Dominoes.

Grandie also loves parties. We celebrated my younger brother's 50th birthday.

My brother, Don, is a retired NJ State Trooper. His wife teaches elementary school. We all played shuffleboard.

We played mini-golf at Smugglers' Cove Adventure Park. Part of the adventure is a chance to feed young alligators!

My stepmother, Georgia, enjoys the scenery at the miniature golf course.

Yours Truly is having a wonderful time at the scenic mini-golf park, too

Even the young ones like to play mini-golf! "Restore the (Jersey) Shore" after Hurricane Sandy...

My sister Kate's friend, Charlie, who flew down to visit with us for a couple of days, concentrates on his putt

Yet another scenic view of Smugglers' Cove Adventure Golf

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