Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Vacation, 2013, Part 3: Sunset Cruise in Florida

Our family went on a sunset/dolphin cruise in Florida. My nieces were excited at the thought of seeing dolphins!

Their mom, my sister, Kate, is enjoying the boat trip as well.

This is a nice close-up of my stepmother, Georgia

Are there any dolphins, yet?

My stepfather, Poppy Bill, is playing around, giving his fierce sea-monster imitation (I think)

My new camera got some great close-ups of this Osprey. Look closely and you can see it fledgling on the left.

Another chance to show off the terrific zoom on my new Nikon camera. Wow! See the baby Osprey on the left.

We didn't see any dolphins, much to the nieces' dismay, but we got a beautiful view of the sunset!

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